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Year 6

Earthquakes with Oreos

S Woodburn (swoodburn) on: Year 6

Why do earthquakes occur?

In our geography lessons we have been looking at different natural disasters, like volcanos, tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes.

We have looked in detail at why they occur and how people are trying to come up with ways to limit the destruction that they cause.

See how we learnt about the ways tectonic plates move - obviously we also enjoyed eating the biscuits afterwards!

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Chasing Shadows in Science.

S Woodburn (swoodburn) on: Year 6

Do you wonder how you can make a shadow be different sizes?

In science we have been exploring the topic of light and looking specifically at shadows. We have had great fun experimenting, using chess pieces, with how shadows are created - looking at whether shadows keep their features, can shadows show colour and how they can be different sizes. 

See photos to see how much fun we had.

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