About Us

Our values

We aim to develop the all-round ability of each child in our care, to help them develop the ability to learn and reason, so that each child enjoys his or her school work and finds satisfaction in achieving his or her potential. The achievement of these aims will be through the National Curriculum and the school's curriculum plan.

Flying High at Morden Mount

  • high expectations, high standards
  • striving for the best, seeking achievement and excellence
  • we believe that everyone can achieve and reach their full potential

Flying in Formation

  • teamwork, collaboration, partnership, all working together for the same aim
  • good communication, good relations

We Believe we Can All Fly

  • self-respect, high levels of self-esteem, positive attitudes
  • recognising and celebrating success of all kinds at all levels
  • personalised learning meeting individual needs, removing barriers to learning

Equal Value, Equal Appreciation

  • appreciating everyone's contribution and valuing all, equally
  • celebrating diversity , promoting inclusion
  • recognising and playing to strengths, care and consideration

Welcoming and Fun

  • happy, safe place to learn and take risks
  • excellence through enjoyment

Creating a Learning Culture

  • promoting creativity in a broad and exciting curriculum, exploiting a wide range of outside
  • expertise and influences
  • we are all learners, learning for life in a learning organisation
  • striving for improvement through CPD, creating a professional learning community