Week 4 - Home Learning

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We got some great CLOCK'S check them out!!!


Week  4  (11.- 15. May)

I hope you had a lovely long weekend and that you are well-rested.

There are a lot of questions and information circling around the current situation.

As soon as we get the official and reliable information it will be published on our school web site.

Thank you for your support and your understanding.


Friday 15th May

It is the last day of the week and it was another week that you worked hard. Well done everyone who completed the tasks and thank you for all your great pieces of learning that you have sent us! 

Fri 15th May Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Fri 15th May.pdf

PSHE Task Fri 15th May.pdf

Thursday 14th May 2020

Check your daily plan and tasks :)

Thurs 14th May Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Thurs 14th May.pdf

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Here are your activities :)

Wed 13th May Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Wed 13th May.pdf

History 13.5..pdf

Tuesday 12th May 2020

 Please check PE slot carefully because we are publishing a CHALLENGE that our school is part of. Children all around the world are trying to beat similar challenges.

Can you beat SCOT? Click HERE

Send us some photos of you beating the challenge!!!

Tues 12th May Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Tues 12th May.pdf

Science Task Tues 12th May.pdf

Monday 11th May 2020

Please check your daily plan and enjoy your tasks

Mon 11th My Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


The Old Toy Room Story.pptx

English - Task Monday

Art Task Mon 11th May.docx


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