Home Learning 15th - 19th June

Posted: Jun 14, 2020 by: g kodre (gkodre) on: Summer 2 - Week 3 (15. - 19. June 2020)

Another great week in front of us. This week make sure that you open the right links for your class since some of them will be different for 2AM and 2GK. We are really hoping that we will get a lot of your mail in our email inbox this week. We miss you very much.

Even dough WE (Miss Mahmood and Mr Kodre) are in school it is different without all of you. 

Your First News 15th June 2020

Have a nice week. Here are your tasks. 

FRIDAY 19.6.2020

We've got GREAT videos of LUCAS, LIAM and ENNIO for creating the rhythm, it was really nice seeing you ALL!!! WE are waiting for the rest of you!!! 

Click to see the VIDEO!

THANK you for ALL the letters, they are lovely and We are really proud of you working so hard.


Fri 19th June Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf

Maths_Friday 19_6.pdf

English Task Fri 19th June.pdf

PSHE Task Standing up for others_part2 Fri 19th June.pdf

Standing Up for others_Part 2.pdf

THURSDAY 18.6.2020

Make sure that you check the Music task and SEND us your videos on our email!

Thurs 18th June Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf

Maths_Thursday 18_6.pdf

English Task Thurs 18th June.docx

Music 18th June.pdf

WEDNESDAY 17.6.2020

Wed 17th June Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Wed 17th June.pdf

History 17_6.pdf

TUESDAY 16.6.2020

We really enjoyed reading some of your letters and we are grateful for the ones we got.

THANK YOU very much!!!!

We are still waiting and hoping for some of the letters.

Tues 16th June Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Tues 16th June.pdf

Science Task Tues 16th June.pdf

MONDAY 15.6.2020

Mon 15th June Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


2AM English Task Mon 15th June.pdf

2GK English Task Mon 15th June.pdf

Art Task Mon 15th June.pdf


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