Week 4 - Home Learning

Posted: Jun 21, 2020 by: g kodre (gkodre) on: Summer 2 - Week 4 (22.6.-26.6)

This is the first official week of Summer and it looks like this week will be Sunny and very hot. Make sure that when you go outside you put on some suncream, have a mask in the pocket and a full bottle of water. 

Tasks are waiting for you :) Enjoy :)

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FRIDAY, 26.6.2020

Fri 26th June Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Fri 26th June.pdf

PSHE Embrace our Differences Fri 26th June.pdf

PSHE Task Fri 26th June.pdf

THURSDAY, 25.6.2020

Thurs 25th June Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Thurs 25th June.pdf

Mood Music Listening.pdf

WEDNESDAY, 24.6.2020

Wed 24th June Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Wed 24th June.pdf


TUESDAY, 23.6.2020

Tues 23rd June Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Tues 23rd June.pdf

Science Task Tues 23rd June.pdf

MONDAY, 22.6.2020

Mon 22nd June Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Mon 22nd June.pdf

Art Task Mon 22nd June.pdf


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