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Summer Term Nursery Home Learning

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Hello Everyone

I hope you are all well and keeping happy and safe. 

This term the theme is 'Lets go to .....'   where we will explore going to a different place imaginatively each week.    

This week we are off to ...... space. This week is all about exploring the moon, stars, aliens and rockets. 

Choose 1 or 2 activities daily. These activities are suggestions and feel free to choose the ones you feel you are able to at home with the resources and time that you have.  

I will phone you this week either Monday,Tuesday or Wednesday. I look forward to catching up with you all soon. 

As always if you have any concerns, questions or want to share any home learning then please email me at

Stay safe

Mrs Mistry

Today's Learning

Home-Learning-Monday 6th July - Friday 10th July.docx

Previous Home Learning 

home-learning-Monday 29th June - Friday 3rd July.docx

home-learning-Monday 15th June - Friday 20th June.docx

Outdoor literacy challenge cards

Outdoor maths challenge cards

Things to do!

Home-Learning-Monday 18th May--Friday-22nd May.docx

Home-Learning-Monday 11th May--Friday-15th May.docx

Home-Learning-Monday 4th May--Friday-8th May.docx

Home Learning Monday 27th April – Friday 1st May.docx

Helpful links 

Cbeebies Alphablocks

Cbeebies Numberblocks -

Letters and Sounds-

Oxford Owl


ICT Games-

STAY HOME for a while... (a book for children around the measures of Covid-19)

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100 ideas for indoors

100 things to do indoors

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Just in case you get stuck for ideas for what to do indoors. 

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Nursery Home Learning

Nursery Home Learning Timetable

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Timetable for nursery home learning.docx

Dear Nursery Parents 

Over the coming days we will be adding activities that you can do with your child at home. To begin with here is a suggested timetable and list of resources that you can gather together to help complete the activities. please do not  worry if you do not have all of the resources. The first activity will be posted on Wednesday 25th March. Until then please feel free to email us at the following if you have any questions or need any advice.

Please all keep safe!

Thank you 

Nursery Team 

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