Year 1 Home learning

Wednesday 1st April

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Hello again, 

Here are today’s activities.
Have any of you seen our rainbow yet? Here’s a photo in case you’re isolating and can’t get out for a walk at the moment.


I know Mrs Cowling made some calls yesterday,  I’ll be calling today and I can’t wait to speak to you! 
Don’t forget what day it is today ; )  Have fun! 
love from Jackie Birkby. x

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Tuesday 31st March

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Good morning! 
look at that beautiful sunshine! 
Ive asked Ms Chapman to hand out the blue folders tomorrow, for anyone that hasn’t collected theirs yet. 
I’ll be there Monday next week and Mrs Cowling on Tuesday, if you’d prefer to pick them up then. We are putting together a few Easter activities, which can be collected next week too. 
Let me know if you’d like an Easter pack when I call or FaceTime you tomorrow. 
Take care, look out for our school rainbow if you walk past the big playground.  
love from Jackie Birkby x

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Monday 30th March

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Good Morning!

Hope you all had a good weekend and managed to take your exercise at a safe distance, in the beautiful sunshine. 

Here are today's activities. I am in school today, and not Wednesday as originally planned.  I will ask for the remaining blue folders to be available for you on Wednesday,

I just have to find out which staff are in and let them know.

Take care, More activities tomorrow. 

Jackie Birkby. x

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Friday 27th March

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2 Friday 27th.docx

Good morning!

I hope you were out clapping and cheering last night at 8pm, to show your support for our fantastic NHS staff.

It felt amazing! Well done to everyone that took part.

Here are today's activities, I hope you enjoy them.

Have a good weekend,

Love from

Jackie Birkby 

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Thursday home activities plan

J Birkby (jbirkby) on: Year 1 Home learning

1 Thursday 26th.docx

These plans will include activities for your children to do while they are at home. Everything has been covered before, so even if they say they don't know, once they'll start I'm hopeful it will all come back to them.

Please don't stress yourself or them trying to get it all done. If it suits you both, then great. If not, leave it and try later or another day.

We won't want to see any of these activities, so what's done is yours and doesn't have to be perfect. 

Ask the children "what does practise make?" ! 

Good luck everyone, stay safe.

Jackie Birkby. xxx

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