Tuesday 9th June 2020

Posted: Jun 8, 2020 by: J Birkby (jbirkby) on: Friday 12th June 2020

Hi everyone!

Wasn't today an eventful day! Some of Year One returned to school today and lots of fun was had!

The children had fun , lots of singing and dancing, painting, playtime outside with our friends, as well as reading, writing and maths.

The children enjoyed having a picnic lunch in their classrooms with their teachers. My class went home saying they'd had an awesome day and that they'd be back tomorrow! That bought a smile to me!

If you are still at home we miss you loads and what to know that we are thinking of you all!

Here's the work for today.

Tuesday's plan

Seed book

Have fun and stay safe. 

Lots of love

Mrs Cowling xxx


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