Week 2 - Home Learning

Posted: Apr 26, 2020 by: g kodre (gkodre) on: Summer 1 - Home Learning - Week 2

It has been a wonderful weekend and hopefully, you got some sunshine and some fresh air. 

Now you are ready for another week of home learning. 

Make sure you check this week's first news with an interesting question on the first page that you are asking your parents. 

FIRST NEWS 27. 4. 2020

Friday 1.5.2020

It is May 1st, time flies and we are sure that since we were last time in school you grew for a few centimetres!!! 

Here is a daily plan for you and the tasks


Fri 1st May Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Fri 1st May.docx

PSHE Task Fri 1st May.pdf

Thursday 30.4.2020

Today's Daily plan: 

Thurs 30th April Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf

Here are Your Daily Tasks


English Task Thurs 30th April.docx

Wednesday 29.4.2020

Here is your Wednesday's plan:

Wed 29th April Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf

here are your Tasks


English Task Wed 29th April.docx

History 29_4.pdf

Tuesday 28.4.2020

We hope that you like the new Oak Academy materials for English. 

Please check the plan for today :)

Tues 28th April Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf

Maths_Tuesday 28_4.pdf

English Task Tues 28th April.docx

Monday 27.4.2020

Please read your Daily Tasks Carefully, because we are trying something new :)

(please let us know what you think when we call you)

Mon 27th April Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf

Click for your tasks:


English Task Mon 27th April.docx


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