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Welcome to another week of Home Learning. We hope that you have enough positive energy at home and ready to train your Brain muscles some more. This week is only four day's week so let's try our best and then we rest...

This week's FIRST NEWS is here: 

FIRST NEWS 4.5.2020

Friday 8th May

Well done for visiting today :)

Here is your Daily Plan and your tasks:)

Fri 8th May Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Fri 8th May.docx

PSHE Kindness Task Fri 8th May.pdf

Thursday 7th May

Tomorrow is a Bank holiday but since we are 'stuck' at home and some of you said that you would like to get some learning done, we decided to publish home learning tomorrow too.

If you have don't have any plans and you won't have anything else to do please check our web page tomorrow (or during the weekend) :)

If not, HAVE A WONDERFUL long WEEKEND and please STAY SAFE :)

Here is your learning plan for today and your tasks:

Thurs 7th May Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Thurs 7th May.docx

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Here is the plan and your daily tasks: 

Wed 6th May Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Wed 6th May.docx

History 6.5.pdf

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Daily plan and your tasks are ready for you

Tues 5th May Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Tues 5th May.docx

Science Task Tues 5th May.docx

Monday 4th May 2020 

Here are is your daily plan and the activities for today:

Mon 4th May Home Learning Daily Plan.pdf


English Task Mon 4th May.docx

Art Task Mon 4th May.docx 


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