Sports Premium 2016-17

PE and Sports Premium

The Sport Premium is a funding package provided by the Government. This provides schools with additional money to support the delivery of PE and sports in schools.

You can  READ DETAILS (PDF) of how we have spent this money during 2016-17 and the impact the additional sports and PE activities have on our children.

 Daily MileCharlton FcActivKidsChange4life



The government has announced that it is to continue with this funding for the foreseeable future.

We are therefore delighted to be able to use the approximate £9500 sport premium funding to support the development of P.E. and school sport in 2016-17 in the following ways:

Build upon the gym, athletics and dance training for staff

Provide PE Equipment to aid with the teaching of Games, Dance, Gymnastics and PE

Develop club and community links with Charlton Football Club, and Greenwich Dance Academy.

Provide quality assured professional development opportunities for teachers enabling quality teaching and learning for all children

Continue to offer weekly swimming sessions to year 4

Continue to offer a wide range and number of school activities to pupils across the school.

Charlton Football club will take place after school for KS1 AND KS2

After school clubs will take place in a wide variety of sports.

Change4life clubs for years 3,4, 5 and 6 children will be offered at lunchtime

Activkids will provide lunch time clubs and A Monday morning club.

Allow children access to a wide range of activities at lunch time including table-tennis, hockey, football, badninton, basketball and Target Ball.

All classes to Carry out the Daily Mile to increase health and fitness levels.

All after school clubs will be tailored to children’s responses in termly questionnaires to ensure we respond to children’s interests.

Our overall aim is to continue to raise the profile and standards in P.E. and school sport increasing the participation and opportunities offered to our children. We aim to provide higher quality lessons and improved learning for all.


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