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It is with great pleasure that we are now able to tell you the results of the final Ofsted report from the inspection in June 2014.

Morden Mount is now 'a good school with outstanding features' – a remarkable improvement from 'failing' 2 years ago.

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Some edited highlights:

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KS2 SATs Results:

 Results at the end of 2015/16 for Year 6 pupils (end of Key Stage 2) were:

  • 63% achieved ‘at expected’ across reading, writing and maths combined (National average = 53%)
  • 68% achieved ‘at expected’ in reading (National average = 66%), 15% achieved ‘at greater depth’ (NA = 19%)
  • 80% achieved ‘at expected’ in writing (National average = 74%), 48% achieved ‘at greater depth’ (NA = 15%)
  • 83% achieved ‘at expected’ in maths (National average = 70%), 20% achieved ‘at greater depth’ (NA = 17%)
  • 85% achieved ‘at expected’ in punctuation and grammar (National average = 72%), 25% achieved ‘at greater depth’ (NA = 23%)
  • Our progress across reading, writing and maths was excellent, especially in writing.

Our results ‘at expected’ were above national in all areas, with our writing being particularly strong (in the top 3 schools in Greenwich!)

We are very proud of all our pupils and their achievements – Well done class of 2015/16!

For a more detailed summary of Ks1 and Ks2 results over the last couple of years. Click here



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